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Silico-acetylene, (Si2H2)n

Silico-acetylene, (Si2H2)n, was prepared by Bradley by decomposing calcium silicide with hydrochloric acid:

CaSi2 + 2HCl = CaCl2 + Si2H2.

It is a yellow crystalline substance, showing no resemblance to acetylene, and is undoubtedly polymerised.

The following table shows the boiling- and melting-points of the three hydrides of silicon, together with those of the corresponding hydrocarbons. The difference in boiling-point between ethane and silico-ethane is particularly noteworthy.

B.P. ° C.-164-115-93+52sublimation temperaturesolid
M.P. ° C.-184cir. -200-123-138-85M.P. unknown

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