Chemical elements
    Physical Properties
    Chemical Properties
      Silicon Tetrahydride
      Silicon Tetrafluoride
      Hydrofluosilicic Acid
      Silicon Subfluoride
      Silicon Tetrachloride
      Silicon Tetrabromide
      Silicon Tetra-iodide
      Mixed Halides of Silicon
      Halogen Derivatives of Silico-ethane
      Halogen Derivatives of Silicopropane
      Halogen Derivatives of Silicobutane
      Halogen Derivatives of Silicopentane and Silicohexane
      Silicon Oxychlorides
      Silicon Dioxide
      Silicoformic Anhydride
      Silico-oxalic Acid
      Silicomes-oxalic Acid
      Silicon Disulphide
      Silicon Monosulphide
      Silicon Oxysulphide
      Silicon Thiochloride
      Silicon Thiobromide
      Silicon Chloroitydrosulphide
      Silicon Selenide
      Silicon Tetramide
      Silicon Di-imide
      Silicon Nitrimide
      Siliconitrogen Hydride
      Silicon Nitrides
      Crystalline Silicon Monocarbide
      Silicon Dicarbide
      Silicon Carboxide
      Borides of Silicon
    PDB 1fuq-4ehr

Halogen Derivatives of Silicopropane, Si3X8

Octachlorosilico-propane, Si3Cl8

Octachlorosilico-propane, Si3Cl8, is among the products of the action of chlorine on crude silicon, of which it forms about 0.5 to 1 per cent.; it is separated from the tetrachloride and hexachlorosilico-ethane formed with it by fractional distillation. Its formation, moreover, appears to depend on the presence of magnesium silicide in the crude silicon. Octachlorosilicopropane is a colourless liquid boiling at 215°-218° C.; after solidification it melts at -67° C.; it is decomposed by cold water, forming mesosilico-oxalic acid thus:

+ 6H2O = + 8HCl.

Octabromosilicopropane, Si3Br8

Octabromosilicopropane, Si3Br8, is formed among other products 7 of the action of the silent electric discharge on silicobromoform, SiHBr3. It is a solid melting at 133° C.
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